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Other NXT Divisions

NXT Group of Companies B.V.

Parent Company

The NXT Group of Companies has been formed in 2015 as the overall holding company for the various NXT divisions. The NXT Group is a key player in the arena of Market Expansion Service Providers.

NXT International Advisory Services B.V.


The NXT Enterprise services division was established in 2015 based on a joint-venture between Trade & Investment Center (2003) and NexusNovus (2008). NXT Enterprise caters to companies and public institutions which aim to become active in new international markets and need desk-research, market-research, feasibility study, market or data-analyses.

NXT International Trade & Agency Services B.V.


The NXT Trade services division was established in 2015 based on a merger between the Turkish company WestMountain Trading Ltd. (2009) and the Indian company NNI&D Pvt. Ltd. (2011). NXT Trade is aimed at  providing Market Expansion Services to European based producers, retailers and brands in opening up emerging markets by creating and enabling their local presence and substance.
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